I have recently discovered that interiors inspire in the same way that fashion does.  Fashion and Interiors take me away to a special place where I can simply dream. I love they way that a persons personality, thoughts, feelings, emotions, passions, dreams and aspirations can be translated into an image or something of material form such as their home or the way they dress. To me, a home is not simply somewhere where you live, but it is a special space in which you foster your individuality, creativity, love & passion. 
This collage is a small collection of interiors that I love. 

sources: theselby, weheartit, fffound, luxisty, apartmenttherapy

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  1. I am way to addicted to The Selby. I can't wait to own my own little house and create it into my own masterpiece!
    Also, in love with the Passion Pit x